Software ERP Indonesia*

download Software ERP Indonesia ERP can be described as a management tool that balances supply and demand for the company as a whole, capable of connecting with customers and suppliers in a single chain availability, adopting business processes that have been proven in decision-making, and integrate all the functional parts of the company such as sales, marketing, manufacturing, operations, logistics, purchasing, finance, new product development, and human resources. So that businesses can be run with a level of customer service and high productivity, costs and lower inventory, and provide the basis for an effective e-commerce.

ERP handles all activities in the organization, bringing a new work culture in the organization and integration. take over routine tasks of personnel from the operator to the functional managers, thus providing the opportunity for human resource companies to concentrate on handling the critical issues and long-term impact. ERP also bring cost savings impact (cost efficiency) significantly with the integration and ongoing monitoring of the performance of the organization. Implicitly ERP is not just a mere software, but it is a solution to the problem of information within the organization.

In principle, with an industrial ERP system can run optimally and reduce operational costs such as the cost of inventory inefficient (slow moving parts, etc.), the cost of losses due to ‘machine fault’ and others. In the developed countries that have been supported by memadaipun infrastructure, they are able to apply the concept of JIT (Just-In-Time). Here, all the resources for the production actually provided only when necessary (fast moving). It also includes the provision of spare parts for maintenance, repair schedule (service) to prevent the occurrence of machine faults, inventory.

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